Queer vegan cryptid trying their best to survive late-stage capitalism while helping others do the same.
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Medical History

My mom, Barbara, had been ill for a very, very long time. She had an amazing work ethic, and she valued that about herself. I admired it about her, and I emulated it.

It was a necessary thing, and it is for many people. She was diagnosed with rectal cancer…

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While these are not the only talks that have changed my worldview, they are talks I see as being incredibly noteworthy in one way or another. Therefore, I feel a strong desire to share them with others. Please enjoy!

How electroshock therapy changed me

Speaker: Sherwin Nuland
Tags: Medicine, Psychiatry, Mental health, Depression
Why it matters…

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Most people want to improve themselves in some way. Whether it’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise, there is a very human-y thing in us that asks the question, “What next?”

It can drive us to consume, to always want the next, newest, shiniest toys and gadgets. A lot of…

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00. Preamble

I did receive the first two economic impact payments, abbreviated EIP1 and EIP2, so I know that the infrastructure is there, so to speak. My monthly payouts from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) each include “TREAS” in their description, so I know these agencies are…

[Warning: contains medical kerfufflery and a lot of talk about death and dying, in case that wasn’t clear.]

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It may be a controversial opinion, but I truly am in favor of assisted suicide under certain circumstances. If the person knows that their illness has no effective treatment, or that the…

London Graves

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